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Kristyn Bacon

I needed to get away from my boyfriend for the weekend so I took a good friend of mine and we went to Warsaw for the weekend. Rudina also needed to get away from her boyfriend. And her parents. She was raised as a good Catholic girl and when she's in Milan, she can't even get in a car with a boy. It's a big city, but she's lived there her whole life, and her parents their whole lives, and her grandparents too. She needed to get out of town and so did I, so we got on the first bus out.

We got to ---, a small city before Warsaw and her friend picked us up at the bus station. He was from Itlay but had recently moved to Poland, and Rudina met him online. They'd been talking for a month on the phone and over skype, but this was the first time meeting each other. She said he'd drive us to Warsaw where we'd pick up one of his friends.

We found a hotel and checked in, got some breakfast and went back to our room to sleep. I slept most of the afternoon and woke up to that guilty feeling that makes you want to go to sleep again for a week. We went to a cafe downtown and I had a beer. We talked about the boys and about our boyfriends back home. I was stuck with the guilt and the excitement of seeing Dash again that night. We walked through the city doing nothing enjoying the sun until it got dark and we went back to the hotel to wait for Dash and Tammy. We watched a few movies, had a few drinks. We put on makeup and some of the new clothes we'd bought. Rudina talked the whole time and I pretended to listen. I was thinking about Dash and what I had done and what I'd do again. Even though I was feeling guilty, I was thinking about doing it again.

At midnight, Tammy called. Rudina talked with him for a few minutes and then looked at me and said, “I'm sorry,” and kept talking with Tammy. She apologized to me again and hung up.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Dash isn't coming.”

Tammy showed up an hour later with flowers and took Rudina out of the room for a few hours. I stayed in the hotel until an hour before the bus came the next day and went back to Milan, back to my boyfriend.

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